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Our grandfather’s duffel bag, which accompanied him on his countless voyages as captain, laid the foundation for our label Marin et Marine.


"After studying design, the sisters developed modern reinterpretations of the duffel bag: practical, functional and hard-wearing, as well as simple and timelessly beautiful with a maritime flair. In addition to many other bags and accessories, the “Sac Marin” in different colors, materials and special editions has been inspiring people since 2013 Marin et Marine customers who carry the exhilarating holiday feeling and maritime flair out into the world.

As illustrators and product designers, Caroline and Valérie focus on the values ​​of original craftsmanship, such as careful workmanship and durable materials, in their work. Each in-house product is manufactured locally and fairly in traditional German factories - either from specially dyed organic cotton or vegetable-tanned leather. When it comes to curated products, they also pay attention to ethical principles and sustainable production."


For us, quality clearly takes precedence over quantity. In the world of fashion, it is common to constantly release new products that disappear after just one season. We have decided on careful product development without time pressure, which creates real classics with a long service life.

We want to go back to the time when people only owned a few high-quality things that were made with love and dedication.


For us, quality is closely linked to fair production. For this reason, we only work with local, traditional manufacturers who have the same attitude as us. Thanks to them, we can offer you lovingly handmade products made from specially dyed organic cotton and vegetable-tanned leather.


For us, the highest quality comes first. Whether it's about the selection of raw materials or the search for production locations - we always remember the values ​​of original handcraft: careful workmanship and durable materials. When it comes to design, it is also important to us that you enjoy it for a long time. That's why we design simple, timeless cuts and patterns that suit every occasion.

Our materials are carefully selected and represent the highest quality and sustainability. We source the organic cotton exclusively from renowned German weaving mills. The leather for our leather bags comes from cattle from organic farms in southern Germany. Here they spend the summer months on lush pastures under strict conditions.

For our limited editions with colored leather we use leftover stocks from overproduction. These high-quality leather pieces, in perfect condition and quality, were consciously recycled. This reflects our commitment to responsible craftsmanship.

We design clear shapes and cuts that can be combined over the years, regardless of seasonal trends. For us, the design of a bag cannot be minimalistic enough.