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We believe that making products must be done with passion and love - on the one hand to create long-lasting pieces and on the other hand to preserve our environment.


In our bag collection, we not only pay attention to organically certified, natural materials, but also to fair and sustainable production.

We want to contribute to a sustainable and conscious environment - a fair fashion world with fair salaries and sustainable, fairly sourced quality materials. We as consumers and producers are responsible for our consumption and have an immense influence on our environment and the world in which we want to live.


Instead of buying more and more, we want to offer high quality products that are made with commitment and know-how. That's why our design is timeless and simple. "Buy less - buy quality"

We focus on colors and details. We value high-quality, long-lasting pieces that are classic and never go out of style.


Our bags are manufactured in factories in Berlin, Brandenburg and Bavaria that have specialized in the production of high-quality leather goods and bags for decades. For us, quality is closely linked to fair production. There are only very few companies in Germany that have mastered this craft.

We have been working with these companies since our founding and are very grateful to have reliable and reliable partners on our side.


Fair working conditions, less harmful CO2 emissions due to shorter transport routes and high quality standards were decisive criteria for us to produce in Germany. We have built up a close relationship with our factories in Berlin, Brandenburg and Bavaria over the years.


Overproduction is one of the biggest environmental challenges facing the fashion industry.
Today's clothing industry worries us and at the same time encourages us to find sustainable solutions to make fashion fair, sustainable and transparent. This is not the easiest way, but it is possible.

The pre-order system allows our customers to pre-order their favorite bag in advance, allowing us to plan better and order only the raw materials we need. Our pre-order system leads to greater resource efficiency and prevents pointless waste of raw materials, resulting in lower production costs per bag produced. This system improves the use of natural resources and is more environmentally friendly. We don't stick to seasonal color trends, but rather develop our favorite colors and use shades that should always fit.

We offer a fairly small collection compared to other brands. Fewer parts mean that we can react quickly to the market and take countermeasures.