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For us, 'organic leather' not only embodies 'vegetable tanning', but also the origin of happy organic cattle. We source our hides from organic farms in southern Germany, which are processed directly on site into high-quality leather.


Since autumn 2021, we have only used hides from cattle that come from species-appropriate, organic farming. We source these from controlled organic farms in southern Germany around Lake Constance. The certified farmers keep the animals under particularly strict requirements. The cattle spend almost the entire year outdoors and lead a happy life.

We are happy to accept that the leather may have minor features and scars. Nevertheless, it is characterized by extreme stability and thickness while remaining pleasantly soft. It has an extraordinarily high quality.

The animals are slaughtered under ethical standards and very strict regulations, whereby their species-appropriate husbandry is always maintained. The meat is sold regionally and the hides are collected, sorted and finally processed into leather in a family-run tannery just a few towns away.

Instead of factory farming, we would rather support small organic farms that treat their animals in a species-appropriate and respectful manner.


Vegetable tanned leather is a purely vegetable and natural process. He excludes the use of chemical or toxic additives and instead relies on tannins obtained from bark, seeds or plants. This results in a warm, chestnut brown tone and natural leather that is carefully greased. Black leather, on the other hand, is first barrel-dyed and then greased. This gentle processing preserves the natural surface structure and ensures a smooth feel.

After tanning, the leather undergoes no further processing - so it can breathe freely and fully develop its natural beauty


This gentle processing preserves the natural surface structure and the handle remains beautifully supple. After tanning, the leather is not processed further - no synthetic substances are added to make it more durable.

  • Particularly environmentally friendly process
  • No use of chemical additives
  • No toxic chemicals or heavy metals are used like traditional leather tanning
  • Tanning with tannins obtained from plants and bark
  • Natural leather, ages particularly beautifully