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Sustainability at Sessun

natural materials
This garment is made up of over 95% natural materials. They are of plant or animal origin and their cultivation excludes the use of extremely harmful petrochemical processes.

The material from which this garment is made is considered a sensible alternative to traditional textiles. Whether of organic or recycled origin or produced using an environmentally friendly process, it supports conscious production methods and our efforts to conserve resources.

recycled materials
The material that makes up this garment comes from recycling. These are recycled waste or reusable recycling by-products, which conserves resources and significantly reduces the garment's ecological footprint.

vegetable tanning
The leather used for this model was produced using the vegetable tanning process. This means that the tannins used are exclusively of natural origin, such as bark or various plants. No heavy metals are used for this, which makes the wastewater easier to treat. This also limits soil pollution and the resulting environmental damage.

certified material
The material used to make this item is certified by an independent testing center according to strict standards aimed at reducing the harmful impact on the environment and guaranteeing production conditions

certified product
The article has been tested in its entirety by an independent testing center according to strict specifications. This can be either the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100, which guarantees the absence of chemicals or residues harmful to health through strict testing and verification procedures, or a label of the type “Guaranteed of French origin”.

animal welfare
The materials of animal origin used to make this product, be it wool or leather, have been manufactured according to strict criteria that guarantee the welfare of animals. They are guaranteed by various labels or increased traceability.