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Article: Who made my bag?

Who made my bag?
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Who made my bag?

These are challenging times for everyone right now. We feel this in our manufacturers, who are currently grateful for every order. We would therefore like to thank our great community again and again, who are supporting us strongly, especially during these challenging times. This allows us to keep our orders from the manufacturers and even place more orders with them than in the past.

And they actually still exist, the family and traditional businesses. In addition to excellent quality and short delivery routes, it makes communication much easier if you nurture and maintain relationships with your suppliers and producers. Obtaining our raw materials locally and manufacturing our bags and backpacks in Germany is expensive, but a very conscious decision. We take on these hurdles because we believe that this is the only way we can change things: the way we consume, giving things more meaning and learning to appreciate them again, transforming the clothing industry, creating a fair working world, traditional craftsmanship to keep alive, to put less strain on the environment and to make a difference.

We create our bags with care and take our time. We keep practically all the pieces going and don't take them out after a season. We spend a long time finding the perfect colors and materials for our bag collections. It can take months until we find them as locally as possible. This is one of the biggest challenges. And they actually still exist, the family and traditional businesses. We source our GOTS certified organic cotton fabrics and almost all other ingredients from Germany. Even our zippers are manufactured in a so-called zipper factory. Straps and metal clasps come from Belgium and Italy.

We are proud to have had our bags produced in Germany since day one. Admittedly, we made the first duffel bag collection ourselves. After about a year we decided to find a company based in Germany. We found her in southern Germany via detours and have been working together for about 7 years now and have built up a close relationship over the years. We have also been working with the leather manufacturer in Berlin since 2015. It's incredibly convenient because it's only a 15-minute walk from our studio. We can then pick up our bags in small loads on the cargo bike.

We want our bags to be timeless, that you can enjoy them for a long time, that you can wear them for years without getting bored and that they last a long time, so you can consume less and therefore consume better.

We look forward to our continued journey together with you. Thank you.

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