We are the twin sisters Caroline-Marine Illustrator and Valérie, Product Designer, from Berlin, Germany. We love to own only a few things, that therefore are long-lasting. That’s why with Marin et Marine we concentrate on the highest quality. Our label is made with the values of original manual craftsmanship and durable materials. For our duffel and leather bags we place great emphasis on local production with fair conditions. Each one of the unique products is made in local, traditional manufactories either from organic cotton or vegetable tanned leather.

Since our childhood we are deeply rooted with the maritime air of France. The inspiration for our label comes at the home of our french family in Brittany and Spain. Our reinterpretations of the classic marine backpack now carry the easy-going holiday feeling of the Atlantic coast out into the world.

Summer holidays in coastal Brittany shine bright in our minds. It´s these maritime memories that inspired the foundation of Marin et Marine.


Our principle is "less is more". In the world of fashion it is common to bring out new products all the time. Many of them disappear already after one season. We have chosen to be an independent bag label with a careful product development without time pressure and seasonal changing to create long lasting pieces that are classic and never out of fashion. The bags are simple and minimal to be functional with just a little twist of detail. 


For us, high quality is deeply knotted with a fair production. For this reason we only work together with german traditional manufactories that follow the same mindset like we do. Thanks to them, we can offer you a beautiful collection made from specially dyed organic cotton and vegetable tanned leather. 

We want to go back to the time when you only had a few items which were made with love and dedication.


We receive the natural cotton exclusively from german weaving companies. The leather for our leather bags comes from cows that lived in Europe and is produced in eco friendly tanneries. The values of original manual work, no matter if we choose goods or look for appropriate places of production: accurate craftsmanship and durable materials. Equally long you should enjoy our design. So we create timeless cuts and patterns, that fit to everything.


Video by Fritzi Schrader
Photos by Laura Tran