We believe that making products should be done with passion and love - on the one hand to create long lasting pieces and on the other hand to preserve our environment.


Our Mission

We want to contribute to a sustainable and conscious environment – a fair fashion world with fair salaries and sustainable fairly sourced quality materials. We, as consumers and producers, are responsible for our consumption and have an immense impact on our environment and the world we want to live in.


Instead of buying more and more, we want to propose good quality products that are made with dedication and knowhow. Therefore our design is timeless and simple. 

Local Production

We choose to work with German manufactories to overlook everything and produce in smaller quantities. Like this, we have the flexibility of reacting to the market. The transportation distances are short and we can communicate in an efficient way. 

  • efficient communication
  • fair salaries and fair working life
  • short transport routes
  • less harmful CO2 emissions


By creating products, we have an immense responsibility – for our environment, for the people working with us and the people who buy our products. We want to contribute to a transparent fashion world and support the old handcraft. That’s why all our leather bags are handcrafted in a traditional manufactory in Berlin and all cotton bags are handmade in the south of Germany. 

Fair Working Conditions

The local production in Germany guarantees fair salaries and a fair working life.

Fairly Sourced Quality Materials 

We source all raw materials from Germany and France. For our bags, we use natural cotton and pure sheep’s wool from German weaving companies. With a Berlin dying company we create unique colors for our collections. 

The leather is sourced from Italian and German tanneries. The raw materials of the European tanning industry are hides from animals that have been raised primarily for nutrition production – thus, we use a byproduct, which would have been without the leather industry. We only work with European tanneries, because they have a good reputation and fulfill the European standards. They use modern technologies with cleaner and energy saving processes.

Vegetable tanned leather

  • environmentally friendly process
  • no use of chemical additives
  • natural leather gets darker and more beautiful with the sun
  • nice Patina through daily wearing

We focus on color and details. We attach great importance to high quality and long lasting pieces that are classic and never out of fashion.

Video by Katleen Roggeman
Photos by Laura Tran