Curated by Marin et Marine

The collection contains only exclusive pieces in limited editions. A curated collection that matches perfectly with Marin et Marine. We only sell quality products that are ethically made, sustainable and therefore long lasting. You find a limited quantity of pieces - available until stock lasts. 

Le Bonnet Amsterdam

Born in Paris, Designed in Amsterdam, made in Scotland. We love the philosophy of Le Bonnet Amsterdam and that's why we sell these beauties in our new section Curated.   

Alpaca Knit by Corvera Vargas

We met Maria of Corvera Vargas two years ago. We became friends because of many reasons but also because we share the same philosophy. We concentrate on quality pieces made by people we trust and respect. Her Alpaca Knit jumpers are made in Bolivia where she originally comes from. This beautiful Alpaca Knitwear is made of 100% Fair Trade alpaca wool by the Berlin fashion label Corvera Vargas. She connects with artisans who use fair trade Alpaca wool to knit the collection with special knitting machines. 


Our friends label JUKSEREI Jewelry is a Berlin based label with roots in Denmark. We like the philosophy of JUKSEREI who still works with a small manufacture in Italy. They are not following quick fashion trends or releasing new jewelry on fixed times a year, but creating jewelry that is multi seasonal. 


We've teamed up with the men's label COUDRE BERLIN and decided to make a very special collaboration specially for Men. The backpack combines the maritim flair of Marin et Marine with the casual style of the men's label Coudre Berlin. Our friends are not only into clothes they also make scented candles. The origins of COUDRE BERLIN started in a small kitchen in Berlin's Prenzlauer Berg and every single candle is still poured by hand. Our Showroom smells like heaven with a little pinch of cinnamon and cardamom. 

Dimi & Daniel of Coudre Berlin, Valérie & Caroline Marine